Dream Big, Live Big and Love Big

Today I am sitting next to my mother in bed while she sleeps. The cancer has taken a toll on her over the past year and I am reflecting on the wonderful times I have had traveling with her and discovering new places. It was my mom who gave me the love of travel. She was always so excited to take us on new adventures as children. There was always something more to learn. I am quietly thinking about all the places that she wanted to visit but never got the chance. She and my dad sacrificed a lot raising four of us. I want to go and see the places that she will never get to see.

Yellowstone, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Glacier National Park…

I want to fulfill her dreams because now they are mine. I will take the road she never got to travel here on earth and she will take a road that will lead her to her own new adventure. The road to Jesus’ arms. It is a destination that is the sweetest. The journey is hard but the rewards are great. I will always remember our last trip together to the Outer Banks. It is one that she had dreamed about and I am thankful that my husband and I could fulfill at least one dream before she leaves us. She has always loved lighthouses and you can see in her face the joy that it brought her.

I will cherish the remaining moments I am allowed with her. I love you mama. Until then I will dream big, live big and love big.


  1. I just saw this Amy. I am so sorry. I loved your mama so much. I wish I got to see her again. Please know I love all of you and will continue to pray.


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