What about me??…..well, you wanted to know so here it is…..

I am a woman who is finally writing down all her funny life experiences for others to enjoy. I am using this page to share my experiences and passions in order to help someone smile today. I am blessed to be a blessing so this is my outlet for honoring what God has given me. I hope you enjoy the journey.

Okay….the not so boring details. I am a married woman with two dogs, eight cats, three pigs, two goats and twenty chickens. This, in itself, makes me smile. I have wonderful friends and family that I love. I have a wonderful job and great co-workers. I have a passion for cooking, gardening, travel and photography. I want to live life in reality and not remain in the “I would love to…..” fantasy world. Hold on to your britches because it is going to be a wild ride……

Your sweet tea loving traveler,

Amy Robinson

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

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