Just up the road to Michigan….

You never know what the day holds for you when you wake up in the morning. This is often the case for me. It can be filled with boring details, or tragedy, but most often it is filled with plenty of laughter at my exploits throughout the day. Many times this involves other people such as my hilarious co-workers or close friends. My favorite experiences happen with my husband. Tomorrow, we set out on our first journey with our new camper. My husband, his teenage daughter, myself and two dogs are setting out for a grand adventure to Michigan. We have a 2014 Forest River Surveyor Sport 34 foot travel trailer. We will visit some of my kin and go explore the beauty of the Great Lakes. I have always been a very nervous person when it comes to travel. I love it, but I stress over the process of planning. I am afraid of forgetting things (I usually do…but it has never cost me my life….yet. Ha!) We will see how two and half weeks in a camper will affect our marriage and sanity!

I will try to post along our journey…stay tuned for the details!

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