Blogging for this creative busybody

I find this creative process very frustrating at times. Learning how to create and effectively maintain a blog and a web page is frustrating to a non-technical person.

Banging my head against the wall would feel good right now…..

Can I just have a canvas where I can draw and write what I want to say and it just posts that for me. Do I have to find the correct buttons, tabs, and the whatnot’s to press? I am in awe at some of my fellow bloggers who have these beautiful sites. I congratulate you on your technical prowess. I guess this is part on my adventure. Learning and experiencing new and wonderful things. I am determined to make my page beautiful too. It is exciting to create things of beauty. God has made me in His image and He loves to create. He has given me the desire to make things beautiful out of the not so beautiful.

What blogging has revealed to me about myself so far is that I am a terribly perfectionist and lack consistency. My mind wanders and I want to accomplish too many things all at once. I must learn to step back and breath. Decide on one thing and work it to completion or master the skill. Just because I find many things beautiful and interesting does not mean I need to be a part of them all. I find myself thinking how much of a creative busybody I am. I want to be involved in and experience everything. I find that the things I want most to accomplish are the ones I am afraid to step into too deeply. I find myself pulling back when the possibility of success seems to be a real possibility. Self doubt creeps in and squashes the confidence, so I pull back and start something new. Maybe I am just seeking the thrill of the newness of things and when that newness wears off it starts feeling like a task. Whatever it is, I know that I need to change. Change is not easy. It’s painful. It’s annoying. It sucks going through. It is a joy when you know you have broken through the barrier.

If you stick around you will get to see the pain and joy of change. Maybe you want to walk with me through it or maybe you want to have some change in your life too. I will cheer you on in your journey. I look forward to pushing onward and upward.



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