Rocket Man

My husband and I took a quick weekend trip in September to Huntsville, Alabama. We went to the US Space and Rocket Center for his birthday. He has always wanted to go there ever since he was a child and watched the 80’s movie Space Camp. I love that he still has that child like wonder and love for the world. It is part of what attracted me to him.


We took the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Bus Tour which lasted about 2 hours. I thought is was a great trip because we got to see the command center for the International Space station. I would note that this may be a little boring for small children so keep that in mind if you have small children. We had one child on our tour, but they were a holy terror because they were bored.

After the tour we returned to the Museum, we went to see the Saturn V rocket. It was amazing and huge! We had the pleasure of being led around by a NASA Emeritus member, named Jay Foster. He was a very nice older gentleman who was an engineer at NASA going back to the 1950’s. He was there from the earliest times of space exploration. He explained the parts of the rocket and how the different stages of the rocket worked. It was fascinating to get this information from someone who was a part of the history of this program. I highly recommend visiting here. It was a full day of learning and fun.
Saturn V Rocket

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